sexta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2009

Some times we want to run away...


[verse 1]
when the light turns green
i'm gonna run for mexico
and leave behind my precious little things
even if nobody's here to watch me go
i will show no signs of wavering

but you can stop me anytime
with the palm of your hand in mine
you can stop me anytime
with a red liiiiight in your eyes

[verse 2]
when the light turns green
i'll find a way to disappear
blend in with the crowd and fade away
change my name and do my best to grow a beard
you won't find me hiding in the light of day

[verse 3]
sometimes love is not the answer, it's the question
sometimes leaving is the only way to know
so i will run as far as it will take me
and looking back will only make me slow

sexta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2009

We are the champions!

Olôco, meu! Ninguém acreditava mas aconteceu!
Os Seminovos ganharam o VMB 2009 de Web Hit do ano com o clip Escolha Já Seu Nerd!
Assisti o programa só pra ver isso. hehehe
Foi bem emocionante, até pulei do sofá. A plateia ficou calada, acho que ficou triste pela Sthefani absoluta não ganhar. hehehe